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Side Channel Blowers LCX – LCD


Industrial Side Channel blowers for gas and air boosting

Biogas boosting (in waste water plants, landfill and anaerobic digestion processes)
Gas and air boosting for boilers and burners
Waste water treatment (water oxygenation)
Industrial vacuum cleaner
Cooling and drying systems
Pneumatic transportation
Vacuum devices (packaging, textile, cement plants)

Aluminium central case in AlSi9 Cu1 Mg gravity casting
All Aluminium parts treated through anodic oxidation (on demand)
Impregnation through resin RC-80ND to guarantee gastight machine and close eventual porosities (on demand)
SM (Solid Motor) or CLB (Coupling/Lantern/Basement) construction
Shaft in stainless steel AISI 316 (on demand)