Centrifugal fans

High, medium and low pressure centrifugal fans intended for industrial use

More than 15 different series to solve all possible ventilation problems, direct-driven by flexible coupling and by belts and pulleys. Savio manufactures aluminium or steel impellers with riveted or welded blades depending on the application and the conveyed fluid. Designed for easy inspection and maintenance, on request fans can be manufactured in compliance with the ATEX directive.

LOW PRESSURE – Able to reach pressure values up to approx 3000 Pa, ideal for ventilation and conditioning of industrial areas, extraction of stale air, vapours from solvent tanks, drying and removal of hazardous fumes and gases.

MEDIUM PRESSURE – Able to reach pressure values up to approx. 6000/7000 Pa, ideal to convey fumes, dust, granules, sawdust and even wood chips in air mixture.

HIGH PRESSURE – Able to reach pressure values up to approx. 25.000 Pa, ideal to convey fumes and dust mixed with air.

High pressure


Pressure range (mBar): 12 ÷ 175
Flow rate range (m3/h): 95 ÷ 3.600
Max. inlet fluid temperature (°C): 350°C

Impeller type: In welded steel, with forward curved blades
Fan casing: High thickness steel with folded joint
Execution: Transmission coupling – Execution 12
Finish: RAL 7038 standard painting