Savio offers various solutions dedicated to industrial ventilation applying to many manufacturing sectors: from the paper, energy, cement and biogas sectors to the chemical, pharmaceutical and steel sectors.

Pneumatic conveying

Pneumatic conveying has become essential in various sectors.
Pneumatic conveying systems consist of fans or blowers that move the air and convey different types of material along ducts up to their destinations.

Manufacturing processes

Ventilation and filtration systems produced by Savio are installed in different environments and are therefore adapted to the different types of manufacturing process.


Thanks to its extensive experience and advanced technology, Savio is able to design and manufacture filtration systems for all kind of environments, offering highly professional solutions for air handling in industrial environments.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning – HVAC

Savio’s technologies, design capabilities, and know-how enable the manufacture of conditioning and control systems for all different types of environments and productions requiring highly professional solutions that ensure not only comfort but also high levels of purification.


Savio manufactures centrifugal fans and high-pressure fans, thermally insulated, for air circulation in furnaces and afterburners.

The company also manufactures specific filter systems for fumes expelled into the external environment.

The Engineering Division designs and manufactures extraction and filter systems to limit the emission of fumes produced in steel mills.


Savio specializes in supplying suction units and fans to convey paper and similar materials, manufacturing fans with impellers equipped with paper-cutting nozzles that are used to recover and cut paper rolls in production.
Specifically, the company provides solvent filters for rolling mills manufacturing aluminium-foil multi-layer paper.


Savio provides specific fans to the Oil & Gas sector in compliance with industry standards. With special reference to API standards and to the particular requirements of each department, the company manufactures “purge fans” for the ventilation of refining furnaces, ATEX-certified suction units for process area ventilation, high-performance fans for combustion air supply during catalytic cracking and reforming processes.


Savio manufactures process fans for power plant ventilation, including air handling units for ventilation, ambient temperature control and air quality improvement within the plants, thanks to fans intended to deliver air to turbine and cogenerator rooms, as well as combustion air filtering units.


In addition to supplying process fans, Savio also manufactures filters for dust suction and filtration systems.
MICO multistage centrifugal blowers are used in pneumatic conveying systems of the dust resulting from manufacturing processes of tablets, capsules, etc.


For tile and ceramic production, Savio offers filtration systems, centrifugal fans and multistage blowers for dust, pneumatic conveying systems and air curtains.
As to extensive tile production systems, the company proposes the use of bag or cartridge filters, even large ones, with flow rate of up to 400,000 m3/h and provides multistage centrifugal blowers used for pneumatic conveying and cleaning systems.
In addition, air curtains installed on the main doors prevent heat from escaping, resulting in significant energy savings.

Filtration systems for cement factories

Savio supplies components for suction and filtration systems to be installed in cement factories, such as bag filters with pneumatic cleaning. In particular, for clinker kilns, our company provides cooling fans, high-pressure fans, and pilot blowers delivering combustion air to burners. Multistage blowers, MICO series, are also widely used in the central cleaning sector.


Savio products are widely used in the biogas sector. In particular, the MICO multi-stage centrifugal blowers in the Atex version are used to transport biogas produced by anaerobic digestion processes, water treatment and landfills. The single-stage, multi-stage and side channel blowers transport biogas at low pressure, less than 1 bar(g), powering cogenerators for the production of electricity and heat, biogas upgrading systems, torches and boilers.


Savio manufactures air handling units for air conditioning in automotive touch-up and painting lines. Multistage blowers are also widely used in the automotive sector for the extraction of exhaust gases produced in test rooms. In addition, axial and centrifugal fans are used for the extraction of process air from manufacturing lines, and the delivery of primary air to areas where workers are present.


The stringent standards of the railway sector require a high quality level and specific know-how for products to be installed on trains. For over twenty years, Savio has been supplying bathroom extractor fans and radiator fans, installed directly on locomotives, to various Rolling Stock Companies or directly to railway companies.


Centrifugal process fans are widely used in foundries. Savio manufactures specific soundproof cabins complete with high-pressure centrifugal fans used for sand regeneration. Additionally, Savio is capable of designing and manufacturing cooling tunnels for aluminium sand castings, such as cylinder heads.