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Centrifugal Industrial Fans

High, Medium and Low pressure centrifugal fans for industrial purpose

Over 15 different series to solve all possible ventilation problems, direct coupling or belts and pulleys transmission. Aluminium or steel impellers with nailed, welded or thickened fan casing according to the applications use and to degree of dust particles. Suitable for round or square pipes. Designed for easy maintenance and inspection Volume up to 400.000 m3/h and pressure up to 25.000 Pa

High Pressure Centrifugal Industrial Fans

– Pressures can be reached up to approx 2500 mmCA and they are ideal to convey fumes and dust mixed with air.

Medium Pressure Centrifugal Industrial Fans

– Able to reach pressures up to approx 600/700 mmCA, ideal to convey fumes, powders, granules, sawdust or also wooden chips in a mixture with air.

Low Pressure Centrifugal Industrial Fans

– Can reach pressures up to approx 300 mmCA, ideal for ventilation and conditioning of industrial areas, extraction of stale air, vapours from solvent tanks, drying and elimination of fumes and harmful gasses.

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