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SI – SIR Axial Fan long casing fitted with double flange



 SI – SIR  Industrial Axial Fans

Long conveyance casing in high-gauge sheet steel (Fe 37), fitted with double flange and inspection door

Impeller with blades adjustable from standstill state, starting from 710 mm diameter inclusive.

Hub :

SI in Aluminium

SIR  with steel sealing plates and Aluminium inserts.

Blade material

SI diam.   315 through  1000 mm: resin (glass-charged polypropylene), Aluminium

SI diam. 1120 through  1250 mm: resin (glass-charged polypropylene), reinforced resin (glass-charged polyamide), Aluminium

SI diam. 1400 mm: resin (glass-charged polypropylene)

SIR  diam. 1120 through 1600 mm: in special heavy-duty Aluminium alloy


Owing to the conveyance casing sizes and the inspection door, these fans are particularly  suitable  to be channelled  and for use in exhaust plants, drying systems, conditioning systems, for tunnel  and subway ventilation.


Capacity from 240 to 150.000 m3/h. Total Pressure up to 165 daPa

Temperature of the conveyed fluid: –10°C to +60°C.

Motors acc. to IEC-Stds: up to 4 kW, 230/400V over  4 kW, 400/690V, 50 Hz, 3-phase, Class F, IP 55, B3

Standard painting: blue RAL 5007