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Multistage Centrifugal Blowers MICO


The SAVIO multistage centrifugal blowers MICO has a wide range of applications.

Multistage Centrifugal Blowers for flow rates up to 4500 m3/h and 1 bar head. For Biogas air with perfect double lip seal.

High pressure centrifugal multi-stage blowers with a wide range of applications for use :
Pneumatic cleaning, Pneumatic conveyors, Pneumatic placing and sampling, Liquids shaking, Liquids removal by air jets, Air curtains, Tunnels ventilation, Air hardening, Cooling, Drying, Blowing in cubicles, Heat exchangers, Feeding of various gases under strong pressure, Gas burners, Biogas conveyor, Gas line suppressors, Pressurised gas welding, Diesel burners, Combustion engines testing, Chips and swarf removal, Spraying systems, Suction under strong vacuum for suction caps and similar, Blowing and suction in printing presses, Water oxygenising, Centralised dust suction

When in operation, the MICO blowers could cause a noise level over 80 dB (A) according to the performance values of the flow rate and the pressure, and according to the reverberation characteristics of the environment.
Inlet fluid max. temperature: 100°C (referring to air).
The temperature Δt of the fluids treated by the blower between intake and delivery is ~ 50°C

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