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Industrial blowers applications

The applications for SAVIO blowers are many:

Packaging machines, for blowing and sucking – Pneumatic transport of plastic granulate, blasting grit, meal, coinage -Vacuum tables for board-cutting machines, laser-cutting machines – Air cushion tables for board-cutting machines – Vacuum lifting machines for porous materials – Blowing in dry tunnels (energy saving) -Testing welding joints in tanks and compartments – Cooling of “hot spots” – Draining drums due to over-pressure – Filling tankers due to under-pressure – Sulfur recovery units at petroleum refineries – Fluidized bed systems in the incineration of low BTU fuels – Carbon black production – Flue gas desulfurization -LNG Vaporization – Fly Ash Conveying- Loopseal Blower Air – Flue Gas Desulfurization – Filter Scouring – Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler – Yeast Fermentation – Wet Scrubbers: Oxidation Air – Fiberglass Manufacturing

Galvanisation baths – Fish farms – Ovens – Swimming pools and bubble baths – Water gamesSludge Incineration Aeration of flotation cells in the mining – Aeration of compost – Aeration of Powders – Furnace Blowing – Aerobic digestion – Anaerobic digestion – Grit Chamber Aeration

Extraction and filtering
Spot-suction in welding and soldering areas – Laser-cutting machines – Central extraction in bodywork workplaces – Central extraction from sanding lines – Vacuum aspiration table – Conveying system – industrial vacuum cleaners – Central Vacuum system – Absorption dryers – Backflush of sand filters – Waste water treatment – Galvanic systems

Cabbage peeling – Displays for fairs – Tube mail systems – Testing mastic roofings – Food – Vacuum cleaner – Air knives – Waste vacuum cleaner – Industrial manipulator – Soil remediation – Air lift bank and dam – Pneumatic post systems – Washing tanks – Steam and condensate extraction – Coal Bed Methane Recovery – Froth Floation – Landfill Gas Extraction -Silica Dust Control

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