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SQUARE – Industrial air filter with filtering cartridges


Designed to filter large air flows in the presence of powders and dust particles.

The SQUARE dry filter with filtering cartridges or sleeves is particularly appropriate to collect and filter dusty air and is fitted with a high filtering/volume ratio surface .
The rectangular shape, the possibility of assembly in series (to cover a greater quantity of air to be treated), the different types of dust it is able to filter and the possibility to realise an ATEX standard configuration, distinguish it as one of the best filtering units currently available.
Cleaning of the cartridges or sleeves is by means of compressed air jets in counter-current, managed by a system of solenoid valves controlled by an electronic panel; this system does not require system stoppage and maintains the filter air flow constant over time.
With the construction modularity, several systems can be applied in the lower section to collect the polluting elements, for example a motor driven star valve, necessary for continuous processes discharging, a wheeled container with special hopper and dual valve discharge for frayed material.
For routine maintenance operations, the standard construction of the filter is designed for cartridge or sleeve replacement from above in the clean zone.
With air flow rates from 3000 m3/h to 100,000 m3/H and more, the SQUARE filter is available in many versions (also explosion-proof as per the ATEX directive)