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Roof Extractor Fan STN


Centrifugal extraction turrets with horizontal air flow with a capacity up to 18.000 m3/h.

A series of centrifugal extraction turrets with horizontal air flow, particularly suitable to extract stale air from civil or industrial building, and especially in bathrooms and toilets, kitchens and any place where the air needs changing. The wide range available, with a capacity up to 18.000 m3/h, offers the possibility to choose the most appropriate model according to the problem. It is available in both single phase and three-phase versions (with one or two speeds). It can work in continuous service, and transfer fluids having a temperature up to 60°C.
Upon request it can be supplied with an Eexd motor (explosion proof) provided with C.E.S.I certification.
It must be remembered that with the installation of a gravity shutter, the capacity is reduced by approximately 10%